ABCO is the only toll processor of specialty metals in the world with revolving stretch wrap capability. Our automated packaging system helps decrease risk of rejections due to condensation, and also greatly reduces dunnage.


We offer the highest quality export packaging and worldwide shipping. In 2010, over 15,000,000 lbs. of processed aluminum was shipped overseas with no packaging related rejections.


ABCO's standard and enhanced packaging will ensure product protection from environmental and material handling events:


  • Custom wood pallets or customer pin pallets
  • "Waterproof paper" or "Typar" standard outer wrap
  • Stretch wrap available
  • Part-shaped "dynamite board" for additional material protection of developed shapes available
  • Interleave - both paper and protective film available
  • Stenciling available
  • Barcode Package Labeling
  • Material Certification Labeling
  • Full side/length edge guards